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Receipt Bank & QuickBooks Online Integration

About QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a cloud accounting solution for accountants and small businesses.

Integration with Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is the easiest way to get your financial data into QuickBooks Online with no paper and no data entry.

You can capture, process and share receipts and invoices instantly with no data entry. Receipt Bank and QuickBooksOnline’s seamless integration lets you publish transactions in one click, as well as benefiting from a range of advanced automation tools.


Product Name: QuickBooks Online
Integrated Since: April 2014
Category: General Ledger


Countries: Global
Languages: English


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I have been using Receipt Bank for the past several years with all of my clients whether they have QBO or QB Desktop. It’s helped me to streamline my workflow and my clients all love it. They use it in different ways, but the bottom line is, those receipts are archived for seven years and easy to retrieve for audits that will happen eventually. I have a source document to work with that isn’t faded and crumpled up. Expense Reports are a breeze!

Bbooks, (Quickbooks App Center)

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