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Better data, better advice.

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Xavier is now part of Receipt Bank

Adding data quality horsepower to Receipt Bank’s market-leading data accuracy.

Xavier automates complex checking of financial data with an easily understandable health score. It detects errors and anomalies in complex business data within Xero, reducing the frequency and the cost of fixing them for accountants and bookkeepers.

Xavier joining Receipt Bank is a giant leap forward in meeting our mission to provide products that power accountants to deliver business advice.

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Lloyds TSB bank data extraction software

Better Quality Data

Xavier is a toolkit of intelligent data cleanup, bookkeeping and compliance tools designed for Xero Professionals. Our tools will save your team time and reduce errors on a daily basis by identifying mis-codings, tracking key liabilities and quickly spotting unwanted changes to historical data.

Lloyds TSB bank data extraction software

Xavier and Receipt Bank

“We used to do a health check report at the end of the VAT period with all our clients, and the Xavier reports have really taken this to the next level. The reports will give you a health score, which helps you get a quick idea of how your books are looking. Our clients love seeing the nice green heart score!”

Emma Fox, Fresh Financials

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