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The only app where you can upload, track and pay invoices from the same place.

Say goodbye to switching between apps. No need to enter bank details every time you pay, no matter who you bank with.

Save time and money on managing your invoices.

Welcome to pain free payments with Receipt Bank

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With Pay, you can:

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Manage your invoices and payments easily, all in one place. The simplest way to stay on top of your business finances through greater visibility and data accuracy.
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Save money with every single payment. Pay is the cheapest way for you to pay your invoices.
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Save yourself time every month. Pay your invoices as soon as you receive them and say goodbye to month-end stress.
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Work with anyone. Pay is powered by Plaid, meaning you can plug in all of the UK’s major banking providers to ensure seamless access.

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How do I choose the right plan for my business?

Our three-tier pricing plan is designed to cater for businesses with a range of needs. Business, Business Plus and Premium Receipt Bank accounts each have different feature sets, usage limits and pricing. If you’re a larger business with a high volume of receipts to process, or you need multiple staff members to have access to the account, you might benefit from one of the higher plans. For a more detailed breakdown of each plan, visit our pricing page.

What will I get as part of the 14 day Receipt Bank free trial?

Everyone who takes out a 14 day free trial of Receipt Bank will have access to our single-user Business plan, where you can experience the core functionality and usability of the app. You can take out a trial of Receipt Bank for Business without needing to provide any payment information up-front. The Plus and Premium plans offer more advanced automation-related features; these are not available on the free trial.

What happens if I reach my submission limit?

If you continue to submit items after you’ve reached the limit for your plan, any surplus items will be automatically queued and then processed at the start of the following month. If you find yourself regularly exceeding the limit, you can upgrade to a higher tier via your account settings (or purchase additional volume if on Premium)

How do I use the upgraded app?

Please view our instructional video here:

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Pay is now available with the upgraded Receipt Bank app, where you can see all your business costs – so you know what to pay, and when – all in one place.

The Upgraded app experience is available to iPhone users with admin privileges who use a Receipt Bank accountant.