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How Digit Books Provided Twice the Value in Half the Time

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Back in the day, Digit Books spent a huge 60% of their time per client on manual data entry
By spending time on manual data entry, Digit Books found they spent less time on client experience. Sound familiar? Download the Case Study to find out how they managed to turn it around, and turn them into a trusted advisor.
Learn how Digit Books leveraged the power of automation to make their clients love them.
As Digit Books experienced, providing value-adding services for your clients can seem an impossibility when manual data entry slows you down. Automation software gives you a significant amount of freedom by lightening your manual workload. This frees up time for you to implement the value they’re looking for from you as the expert.
Stop chasing clients. Provide a smooth and efficient service.
Discover how Digit Books used automation to smooth the process of data collection from their clients. Less chasing means more time to add value to your clients, meaning less client churn.