Android Receipt Scanning App

Free to download, the Android Receipt Scanning App logs and processes receipts as soon as you receive them.

Read on to discover how having Receipt Bank in your pocket will save you both time and money

Download the Android Receipt Scanning App today.

The Android Receipt Scanning App is free to download and available with all Receipt Bank subscriptions.

Search 'Receipt Bank' in the Google Play Store or click here.

The Android Receipt Scanning App is compatible with all leading Android devices, but if you're interested, here's the full list.

What is the Android Receipt Scanning App?

The Android Receipt Scanning App is a new way of processing your receipts by utilising the power of the Android phone in your pocket.

Historically, any business would have to keep hold of receipts in preparation for an arduous data entry task. Not any more.

Instead of manually processing the data, progressive businesses are using the Android Receipt Scanning App.

They are simply taking photos of their receipts and letting Receipt Bank handle the data entry for them.

Why aren't you?

How the Android Receipt Scanning App works.

The Android Receipt Scanning App acts as your scanner, receipt organiser, storage system and your data entry process.

It means all you have to do is take a photo. Receipt Bank handles the rest.

By the time you're throwing away that receipt, here's what Receipt Bank is doing:

1. Extracting the key data from the receipt such as supplier, total amount and tax.

2. Categorising your receipt, so it'll sit nicely in the appropriate area of your accounts.

3. Converting any foreign currencies, so you know what you've spent.

Receipt Bank's software extracts the key data from your receipts so you don't have to. Saving you time and money.

How the Android Receipt Scanning App saves you time.

The Android Receipt Scanning App means you no longer need to spend time processing receipts.

Receipt Bank's technology takes the load off your shoulders and gives you time to spend on more productive tasks such as growing your business.

Here's what Receipt Bank will eliminate from your life:

- The time spent collating and organising your physical receipts

- The time spent manually entering the data from each receipt into a spreadsheet

- The time spent attaching each receipt to a piece of paper

Oh, and don't forget the time spent...

- Debating whether to keep certain receipts

- Finding where you stored your receipts from months ago

- Trying to make out whether that was crumpled receipt was for £80 or £88

- Cursing how long the data entry is taking you when you could be doing something fun

- Doing something fun instead of processing your growing pile of receipts

- Throwing away the receipts you don't have the time or effort to process

Below is how we'll take that saved time and save you money.

How the Android Receipt Scanning App saves you money.

The Android Receipt Scanning App means you can log and claim every expense you receive.

No longer decide which receipt to keep and which to throw away. We believe that small businesses could be throwing away thousands in receipts that they simply can't be bothered to process.

Here's other ways the Android Receipt Scanning app will save you money:

- You no longer need to pay somebody an hourly fee to process your receipts

- Your time has a cash value. Every minute you spend on your receipts is money you could be spending elsewhere

- No longer pay for office space or secure storage - your receipts will be stored securely in the cloud