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Practice Platform

The all-in-one bookkeeping dashboard.

Practice Platform gives you a complete view of the bookkeeping process, from submission through to publishing and automation, so you never miss a thing.

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Effortless Communication

Practice Platform generates automated submission reminders, sent straight to your clients' phone. You can also comment directly on submitted items to open a chat with your client for instant clarification.

Laser-Focused Bookkeeping

Simple at-a-glance metrics keep you up to date on unprocessed items, reconciliations and any outstanding paperwork.

Never miss a deadline

Keep your work on track with clear customizable deadlines. We also flag unprocessed or unreconciled items that have been hanging around, before they become an issue.

Boost your client efficiency

Help your clients work in real-time.
Monitor submission delays, missing items and engagement with your service, and you can even predict exits before they happen.

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