Receipt Bank Extract

Simple automation for document collection and data extraction

Receipt Bank Extract makes it easy to get the items you need from your clients, with no chasing and no data entry.

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Instant Submission

No need to store or transport paperwork - clients can submit items in real time. They just snap the receipt with our award-winning app, or submit it by email.

"We always had problems with clients losing documentation or forgetting what a payment was for. Now they use the Receipt Bank mobile app to record all their expenses!”
Stephen Petrie, SJPBookkeeping

Accurate Extraction

Receipt Bank extracts the details from your clients’ items with the highest accuracy rating of any cloud app.

“RB is a win-win for me and my clients! Removes the laborious task of data entry and keeps electronic copies of invoices and receipts on file.”
Kylie Hall, Kylie Hall Bookkeeper

Safe, Secure Storage

All you need to do is review and publish the data to your choice of software. We store the data securely for at least 7 years.

“Being able to store the documents online with the Transactions easily is fantastic. When questions are asked it is quick and easy to find the invoice in Receipt Bank and answer any questions.”
Don Doolan, First Class Accounts Asquith

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