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Competition brings out the best in athletes. And for accountants, it’s no different.

Just as the best athletes are always training to stay ahead of their competition, top accountants are constantly improving their processes.

Get ahead in record time

Enjoy the market-leading data accuracy and automation of Receipt Bank Extract and Streamline plus so much more. Receipts, invoices and bank statements are ready for you in a fraction of the time. Time back to do what you do best.

World-class automation


Outstanding Paperwork

Waiting on documents from your client to finish reconciliation? Outstanding Paperwork means you can share exactly what you need at the touch of a button.


Paperwork Match

Save hours cleaning up your general ledger with Paperwork Match. Paperwork Match looks at reconciled transactions that are missing images so you don’t have to.


Bank Match

Bank Match does the detective work for you. We’ll search for transactions in the bank feed that match transactions in Receipt Bank, so you can publish them with confidence.

Go for Gold

Build an Olympic standard service and reach Gold Partner Status: an award you can show off to your team and clients.

Scan everything that’s important to your business

The modern Olympics runs on data, just as much as it does dreams. Everyone, from the German sailors to British rowers, use analytics to perfect their performance. Numbers are an accountant’s specialty.


Align your team

Easily track workflows, workload and priorities with our Client View dashboard.

Segment your client-base – never miss a deadline again.

Set targets to motivate your team.



Scan your key performance metrics with our Practice View dashboard.

Help your clients implement better processes.

Track engagement and pre-empt exits.

Targeted communication tools

Have a question on a piece of paperwork? Skip the emails and instead, send a message straight to your client’s mobile with our targeted in-app messaging.