Week 7: Maintaining virtual relationships

Unlocking the ability to help new and existing clients use the tools they need to not only survive, but thrive.

Staying connected, wherever you are

Communication is arguably the most integral part of a successful accounting or bookkeeping firm and, in these new working conditions, there is a greater emphasis on it than ever. Here’s how our industry experts recommend keeping up to speed.

Business owner working from home

Managing clients virtually

Paul Burns started his 15 years ago, starting online and staying online ever since. The full-service bookkeeping firm specializes in virtual client management for medical offices, their related organizations, and charities; his niche was made for times such as these. Here are some of his top tips for navigating a virtual reality.

Business owner working from home.

Accounting for the future

Onboarding is delicate and should be approached with care but when you’re unable to meet in person, how do you create a client connection remotely? We asked our Orange Select partner community to offer up suggestions on how to ace this important phase online.

Onboarding clients virtually

Your efficiency and bottom line are heavily reliant on client cooperation. Technology is key to taking your business to the next level, but clients are used to the old way. How can you get them to buy into the new process?