Week 4: Cash flow

An in-depth look at securing the bottom line to ensure your business, or your clients, can move forward.

Providing a platform to build from

When it comes to keeping business going, there is no more crucial a factor than cash flow. That’s why, this week, we’ve gone all-out to cover all bases for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners

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The Cash Flow Survival Guide

How do you help a client improve their cash flow to ensure the stability they need to move forward? We’ve created a step-by-step guide for you to share with your clients – or, if you’re a business owner, for you to grasp the basics, and ask your accountant or bookkeeper the right questions to alleviate your cash flow stress.

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How to secure cash flow

For businesses navigating an altogether different working environment, the challenge is a straightforward one to grasp: stabilise the bottom line, and look to build from there. We spoke to small business experts from our accounting and bookkeeping community to uncover five key areas of focus during this testing time.

Managing cash flow in a crisis

Understanding how to advise your clients on cash-flow has always been important, and even more so now during this period of uncertainty. This webinar explores how businesses are navigating this new normal, and why they are turning to their accountants for simple advice on how to do so.