Week 3:
Business continuity

The question on the lips of many business owners during the COVID-19 crisis is short, and to the point: how can I keep business going?

In-depth insights

This edition of Keep Business Going includes four blog posts, each covering a different aspect of how to approach business continuity. Below, you’ll find analysis, experiences and actionable tips from accountants, bookkeepers and business owners – each with their own unique take on the challenge at hand.

Business owner working from home.

Our SMB Spotlight

What does this new paradigm of commercial survival mean for the business community? We unpacked all of this week’s content and distilled it down into some key learnings, as well as featured an exclusive interview with Antony Difrancesco, a small business owner who has found a new niche within his market in order to keep his business going.

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Positivity and Progress

While it is key to keep abreast of the changes, sometimes all we need is some positivity. We spoke to Trevor Bezzina, the co-founder of Potentially – a business that’s working to democratise opportunities for graduates and help every person fulfil their potential, no matter their background – to hear what’s making him feel hopeful in business continuity and the future for recruitment.

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Small Business Survival Tips

Following on from the blog above, this five-minute video – featuring Al Newman, Receipt Bank’s CRO – covers how to diversify revenue, as well as how his past professional experience is influencing the decisions he’s making today when it comes to business continuity.

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5 Golden Rules

Business continuity plans are always prepared, but rarely prioritised. For Michele Grisdale, however, establishing a sense of security and stability has always been integral to her operations as an accountant and long-time Receipt Bank partner. In her wide-ranging interview, she covered everything from cash flow to diversification.