Whether you’re an accounting practice, bookkeeping firm or a small business owner, Receipt Bank are here to help.

“We are here to support our partners and to ensure that they can keep their business and the business of their clients going during these testing times. We now have a package of measures all focussed around efficiency, support and connecting you with your customers. And all designed to help your business and your clients today and for the future.”

Adrian Blair
CEO of Receipt Bank

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Our Chief Product Officer, John Connolly, explains more about the package of measures to help your business, and how to use Receipt Bank to keep your business going while remote working.

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Communicate with your clients wherever you are via real-time chat, enabling you to provide advice on submissions and send outstanding paperwork reports instantly.

The service will be available for free for three months to help our partners when they need it the most.


A package of tools that can pull invoices from 1,400 suppliers, automatically categorise documents and enable each line item to be labelled individually.

It’s bookkeeping, simplified and streamlined – making it easier to work efficiently with your clients and your team.

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Keeping Business Going: Coping with COVID19

Join our special interactive expert lead panel discussion that will focus on:

• How to assess the business and operational risk from COVID19
• How to optimise remote working
• Business continuity at lower revenue

Date: Thursday, April 16, 2020

2PM (UK)
9AM (NA)
3PM (EU & South Africa)
2PM (Eastern Australia time)

Duration: 1 hour

headshot of Adrian Blair

Adrian Blair
CEO, Receipt Bank

headshot of Adrian Blair

Gavin Hewitt
Former BBC Chief Correspondent and Europe Editor

headshot of Adrian Blair

Nick Goode
VP Growth at Revolut Business

headshot of Adrian Blair

Jason Blumer
Virtual Practice Accountant

headshot of Adrian Blair

Lisette Sutherland
Author: Work Together Anywhere

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*SmartItems is available to all partners but does not include ALIX (automatic line item extraction, a paid add on)