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Give Your Bookkeeper A Break

Watch the stories of businesses giving their bookkeepers a break

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Time back for the both of you

We asked British businesses to give their bookkeeper a break. Literally. And to celebrate Global Bookkeeping Week you helped select five of Britain’s most popular bookkeepers and accountants to get the break of a lifetime.

Is it time to give your bookkeeper a break? Get time back for the both of you by doing your bookkeeping in a snap and start using Receipt Bank.

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How easy can it really be?


Snap It

Simply use your phone to snap and extract all the important data — then scrap the receipt!


Secure It

All the key information will be saved in one searchable bank of receipts and invoices.


Connect It

Balance your books effortlessly, linking up with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and more!

Receipt Bank works with others

Receipt Bank connects seamlessly with the leading accounting, payroll, and payment software.