Fair Usage Policy

Receipt Bank implements a fair usage policy to ensure that all of our users can have the best possible experience when using the Receipt Bank services and products. 

We expect that majority of our users will not be impacted by this Fair Usage Policy.  However, when using Receipt Bank’s services:

The examples above are not an exhaustive list of how you could be breaching our Fair Usage Policy.  There may be other activities which we reasonably believe to be outside of legitimate use which may also be subject to the terms in this Fair Usage Policy.

In addition, if the number of documents you submit to Receipt Bank is excessive, or if the size of the documents you submit are disproportionately large, this can adversely affect our ability to provide extraction and other services efficiently and effectively to our other users.  This type of behaviour may be in breach of this Fair Usage Policy. 

If in Receipt Bank’s reasonable opinion, you are abusing the service in a way which exceeds fair usage, we may ask you to moderate your behaviour.  We may in extreme or persistent cases, suspend or even terminate your access to Receipt Bank’s services.