Expense Reporting and Tracking

Receipt Bank makes tracking and claiming your expenses simpler. Save time on your expense claims!

Read more below to see how expense reporting with Receipt Bank can streamline your expense claim process.

Expense reporting before Receipt Bank.

Claiming expenses is a fundamental part of business life. If you are incurring expenses, you will be seeking reimbursement.

Unfortunately, prior to Receipt Bank claiming back expenses and tracking past and outstanding expenses was a difficult, time consuming process. You'll recognise a similar process in your office:

1. You make a purchase. You catch a train, buy a coffee or jump in a cab to avoid the rain

2. You then decide whether you want to put in the effort to claim back the expense

3. You reluctantly store the receipt in your purse or wallet

4. You transfer the receipt to a box or your desk for safe keeping

5. You pluck up the courage to start an expense claim

6. You attach each receipt to multiple pieces of paper

7. You manually file out a form or spreadsheet with the information from each receipt

Wouldn't that be simpler if it only contained one step?

At Receipt Bank we have harnessed the power of cloud software to offer an alternative. Here's how expense reporting works with Receipt Bank.

Expense reporting with Receipt Bank.

So, how does expense reporting work with Receipt Bank?

That's simple! It's one step.

1. Take a photo of your expense with your mobile phone.

That's right. That's it. Take a photo. You're whole expense tracking process condensed into one quick and easy step. It's just like taking a selfie!

Let's take a look under the bonnet of Receipt Bank to see what happens with that photo...

What does Receipt Bank do?

Receipt Bank removes the hassle of manual data entry. It extracts the key information from your receipts and creates expense reports with the data.

Once you've snapped a photo of you expense, here's what Receipt Bank does

- Extracts the key data such as supplier, date, total amount and much more

- Compiles the data into an expense report that you can see below

- Emails you a PDF of the complete expense at a time convenient for you

Take a look at an expense report below...

Receipt Bank Expense Reports.

All expense reports within Receipt Bank are fully customisable and can be added to at any time.

Here's an example...

Create your first expense report today!

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