Real-Time Data just got Real.

How Receipt Bank & Futrli can change your business

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Thu 18 June 2020
11:30 - 12:30 BST

Cash flow underpins every small business. Misjudging it can be fatal, yet most small businesses run without insight or clarity. Receipt Bank and Futrli have partnered to change this.

Good business starts with good data. Data tells you how a small business has performed in the past, present, and future. Everything from predictions, cash flows, and forecasts are built on it. And the better that data is, the better the business planning, the more successful the business and the more support the accountant can provide

Carl Reader, Chairman at D&T Chartered Accountants sits down with Adrian Blair, CEO of Receipt Bank and Hannah Dawson, CEO at Futrli to talk about the partnership between Receipt Bank & Futrli and have a deep dive into how real-time data has been an important part of both their business journeys. 

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