IRS Readiness Workshops

With Eric Green, Tax Attorney

A three-part workshop with leading Tax Attorney, Eric Green
Any computer, tablet or smartphone

Thu 16 May 2019 - Thu 30 May 2019
14:00 - 15:00 EDT

IRS audits can be a drain of your firm’s time and money.

With Tax filing season now over until next year, now is the best time to begin preparing for 2020. Ensuring your clients are prepared for any audits that come their way.

Leading Tax Attorney Eric Green joins this Receipt Bank exclusive webinar series, outlining his best practices to make IRS audit a breeze.

‘IRS audits happen. Accountants and bookkeepers can help protect their clients by having the right tools in place before anaudit. And while IRS doesn't require receipts below $75, it’s easier to have one system in place to document expenses.’

Across this three-part series, Eric will be addressing everything from the initial letter to closing agreement and tacking all the common mistakes in between ready for you to make 2020 worry-free.

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