How to Market, Price and Sell Receipt Bank

Find out how you can revolutionise your business with Receipt Bank

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Tue 10 Dec 2019 - Thu 12 Dec 2019
22:00 - 22:00 AEDT

Receipt Bank has helped over 13,500 Australian accountants and bookkeepers to revolutionise their businesses. Saving them time and money, but most importantly giving them the tools they need to help their clients’ businesses grow.

Your clients’ involvement in using Receipt Bank key, which is why we’ve put together this webinar of best practices for marketing, pricing and selling Receipt Bank.


Developing a clear marketing strategy to onboard your clients is essential to getting them invested in using Receipt Bank and rolling out one solution across your client base.


Pricing is difficult, so as part of this webinar we’ll explore the different pricing strategies our Partners have been implementing and how you can use them in your own practice.


Pitching the value proposition is the next critical step. We’ll run through how to pitch your clients on Receipt Bank’s features and how to determine a unique selling point for each clients’ needs.

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