Fast Forward to the Future of Accounting

With Colin Dunn

Any computer, tablet or smartphone
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Tue 10 Sep 2019 - Tue 17 Sep 2019
11:00 - 12:00 AEST

Keeping up with change while growing your firm requires capacity, productivity, and liquidity. Moving to digital processes can triple your processing capacity, increase worker productivity by 50%, and reduce storage costs by as much as 80% (Gartner, IDC).

Thanks to new technology, accounting firms of all sizes now have the opportunity to work smarter, grow faster and go further. But running a digital practice isn’t just about how you store documents. It’s about how you interact with your clients, the way you process information and even how you sell your services.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the key steps to put in place to run a digital practice and the growth opportunities this creates.

We will cover:

  • Key drivers of the behavior of accounting business owners
  • How to integrate new technology effectively and get your staff up to embrace innovation
  • How to streamline internal processes to get the most out of the available technology

Join Colin Dunn, Co-Founder and Lead Business Improvement Coach at Panalitix and Luis Sanchez, General Manager of Receipt Bank, and learn how you can capitalise on the future of accounting today.

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