Beyond Cloud: Focusing on Value in a Digital World

With Will Farnell, Founder and Director at Farnell Clarke

Any computer, tablet or smartphone
Each session will run twice

Wed 06 Feb 2019 - Wed 20 Feb 2019
11:00 - 12:00 UTC

Will Farnell hosts an essential series, discussing why you should focus on client value in an industry quickly transitioning to digital.
Session 1: The Ten Elements of a Digital Firm
Session 2: Why Our Clients Deserve Daily Bookkeeping and How to Deliver it Profitably
Will is Founder and Director of Farnell Clarke, an innovative and pioneering accounting firm based in Norwich and London. The firm has twice been named Best Independent Firm (East of England) at the British Accountancy Awards, and in 2016 was named Most Innovative Firm in the independent and overall categories.
Back in 2008, Will saw an opportunity to utilise technology to drive efficiency and change the way accounting services could be delivered to clients. Farnell Clarke was one of the first 100% cloud practices in the UK and the way Will deployed technology in the firm was a significant catalyst in the firm’s growth.
On this exclusive Receipt Bank series, Will shares his best experience in providing value for clients through digital technology, experience gained through 11 years developing Farnell Clarke's now world-renowned digital service.
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