New Accountant Needs for Small Businesses

Thu 27 August 2020
14:00 - 15:00 AEST

Economic uncertainty and the threat of another lockdown has reimagined the traditional client-accountants relationship.

When the government released complex legislation on emergency funds and grants, accountants were the go-between: helping clients know what they could apply for, preparing their financial records and processing their applications. Many were talking to their clients on a daily basis.

Are the days of going to an accountant for a once-a-year tax return over?

Join us on 27th August where Jessica Minnett, Head of Account Management at Receipt Bank Australia will talk to Michele Grisdale, founder of Rainforest Bookkeeping on the new accounting needs of small business. Michele is a long-term user of Receipt Bank and provides bookkeeping and advisory services for her clients.

We’ll cover:

  • Trends and research from the SMB and advisory industry
  • How to have an advisory conversation with clients
  • Ways to keep communicating with clients through technology

Webinar dates
Thursday 27 August at 2pm

See you there.

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