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Global Data Shows How to Cut Your Bookkeeping Processing Time in Half

Cut your bookkeeping time in half with automation.
Receipt Bank’s Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge was the first ever global experiment in efficient bookkeeping. In a new series of posts we’ll be looking at some…
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6 Accounting trends to watch out for in 2017 (and how to make the most of them)

2016 was a huge year of growth for the accounting and bookkeeping industry, and the changes show no signs of slowing down. Every year brings…
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How to start new clients managing their expenses online in 2 minutes with SMS

Manage expenses online faster with SMS invite.
As the accounting industry moves towards a cloud-based future, just providing the technology to let them manage their expenses online isn’t enough to stand out.…
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Case Study: A New Expense Management System Cut Accounts Payable Time by 90%

In most businesses, time is money, but at a medical practice it can be much more important. However, to keep the practice in the black…
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Expense Time Halved: How a Medical Practice Built an Efficient Bookkeeping Process

Business consultant John Stringer explains how he used Receipt Bank to help his medical practice clients improve their systems and create a more efficient bookkeeping…
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The Power of Receipt Bank VAT Bookkeeping: The 20 minute VAT inspection

Effortless VAT Bookkeeping with Receipt Bank and Xero
No one looks forward to a VAT inspection, but when the taxman turned up to perform a VAT bookkeeping inspection for one of her clients…
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How to make an expense report system for your clients with Receipt Bank email-in

How to make an expense report with no paper!
Receipt Bank’s email-in feature is one of the most efficient ways for your clients to submit their receipts and invoices (after our award-winning app). But…
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