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New Feature: Automatic Transaction Splitting With Smart Split

Save time with automatic transaction splitting
Anyone who has spent hours going through invoices line by line to separate out certain expenditures knows that time can quickly add up. It’s especially…
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How to start new clients managing their expenses online in 2 minutes with SMS

Manage expenses online faster with SMS invite.
As the accounting industry moves towards a cloud-based future, just providing the technology to let them manage their expenses online isn’t enough to stand out.…
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New Feature: Combine The Best Cloud Accounting Software with Additional Integration

Harness the power of the best accounting software on the market with Additional Integration
Sometimes the simplest solutions come from working together. That’s why we came up with our newest feature: Additional Integration. This lets Receipt Bank partners connect…
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New Feature: With Multiple Mode, it’s finally time to break up with your office scanner

We’re always looking for new ways to make the bookkeeping process as effortless as possible, and that starts with our accurate, easy to use receipt…
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New Feature: Get confidence in your bookkeeping automation with While You Were Away

Receipt Bank’s mission is to make bookkeeping effortless through automation. We want you to spend less time checking and entering data, and more time delivering…
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Introducing 1Tap: Make sole trader bookkeeping profitable

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is on its way and it’s already making waves. Today we’ve launched a new product that gives Receipt Bank Partners the…
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Accountants & Bookkeepers: Boost Your Bookkeeping workflow

On-demand Bookkeeping is here. Many industries are being disrupted by the on-demand economy shift that is empowering consumers to get what they want when they…
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New Feature Update: Rewriting the Rulebook

Supplier Rules come to the inbox. Our research has found that users who utilise the efficiencies from Receipt Bank supplier rules feature process items on…
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Does your brand start or stop with your logo?

Along with embracing technology the high growth accounting & bookkeeping practices are focused more and more on their brand. We all know how important it…
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“This is my superpower”… Missing Paperwork

‘Missing Paperwork’ takes Practice Platform to another level by providing you with a simple way to identify any missing documents from your client’s accounting package.…
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New Feature: Boost your bookkeeping productivity with Flexible Columns!

Flexible Columns streamline the way you work within the Receipt Bank ‘Inbox’ – making reviewing your items an effortless bookkeeping experience. “It’s very useful to…
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Reviewing receipts and invoices is now less taxing!

Receipt Scanning App for your Mobile Phone Available for both Android and iPhone, the Receipt Bank Scanning App means you'll never lose another receipt. Key…
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