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Junior Sales Operations Analyst

The Company:

Receipt Bank is a tech startup looking to disrupt and reshape the accounting and bookkeeping industry. We are an award-winning SaaS company with over 50,000 accountants and bookkeepers and 300,000 small businesses worldwide already using our platform, and we’re growing aggressively all over the world. Australia is our 2nd largest market, and we’ve been doing business with Aussies for the last 6 years.

We are a small, fun & fast-paced team primarily based out of Sydney. Currently we are looking for a new team member to join the APAC Operations Team as a Sales Operations Analyst. The aim of our team is to use data, technologies and innovation to develop operational processes to create predictable business outcomes & consistent maximum performance for our APAC region. We have an excellent software stack, and a very experienced global Sales Operations Team - so you will be well equipped to learn, develop and implement processes regionally.

To be successful, you will need to be confident in Salesforce, agile project management, data manipulation and sales processes. Additionally, you will also benefit from experience in communicating with global teams, finding discrepancies in data and constantly looking to continuously improve everything we do. You'll be expected to work alongside our other team members (Account Managers, Email Campaign Manager, Event Coordinators & others) to challenge perceptions and bring new insight to everything the team does.

The process we usually follow entails:

Business Understanding & Problem Definition

  • Understand project objectives from a business perspective to establish a problem definition with a preliminary plan designed to achieve the objectives.
  • Are you able to break a large problem down into manageable chunks with clear goals and outcomes?

Measuring Performance

  • Understand the data, sources and influences to create meaningful measurement systems.
  • Can you develop processes to measure the problem?

Data Understanding & Analysis

  • Collect, explore, and validate raw data to discover preliminary insights to the problem.
  • Data visualisation is key here - can you display data that can be understood in less than 2 minutes by our GM?

Improve Processes

  • Develop, select, evaluate and implement the best solutions to the problem, whilst controlling for risk.
  • Are you able to select the best solutions most likely to work based on experience or literature in a clear and concise format, then present those findings to any audience?

Embed Processes

  • Ensure that the implemented processes are sustainable and have been embedded into BAU.
  • Has the initial problem been solved and how will it continue to be monitored?

Our ideal candidate is someone who has experience in the following software in a fast-paced, impact driven tech company;

- Salesforce

- Looker

- GSuit

- Trello


This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to work thrives within a tight-knit team, who wants the freedom to develop their skills, but also has the drive to bring originality and insight to our team.

Receipt Bank is a rocket ship - do you want a seat?

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