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Drop the data entry

Receipt Bank transforms the way you capture, store, and keep track of business receipts.

How easy can it really be?

Say goodbye to storing paperwork and entering data. Staying on top of your bookkeeping has never been easier.

Snap it

Simply use your phone to snap and extract all the important data — then scrap the receipt!

Secure it

All the key information will be saved in one searchable bank of receipts and invoices.

Connect it

Balance your books effortlessly, linking up with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and more!

See how it works

In less than two minutes we’ll show you
how Receipt Bank will revolutionize bookkeeping.

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Per month, billed monthly

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50 receipt & invoice scans monthly

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50 receipt & invoice scans monthly

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For small businesses

Receipt Scans

Snap, extract and scrap your receipts and invoices. We'll capture the date, supplier and more — eliminating hours of data entry.

Automatic Invoice Collection

Ditch the data entry. Automatically and securely collect invoices from trusted suppliers such as eBay and Amazon. Perfect for your utility or phone bills.

One-Click Publishing

Connect Receipt Bank to your accounting software (eg. Xero, Quickbooks, Sage) to export your captured documents in one click.

Manage Employee Expenses

Easily separate and categorise your employee expenses to make reimbursement simple and stress-free.

Business Plus


Per month, billed monthly

5 users

300 receipt & invoice scans monthly

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Per month, billed annually

5 users

300 receipt & invoice scans monthly

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All features from Business

Identify Missing Paperwork

Missing expense paperwork? Receive smart prompts and see what you're missing in a shareable report

Import Sales Invoices

Use the Sales Workspace to upload and automatically extract documents that record the goods and services you've sold to customers.

Import Bank Statements *(5/mo)

Automatically turn your statements into digital financial data that’s easy to use, sort through, and categorise (5 / month).

Auto-Export to Accounting Software

Stay in control of your bookkeeping at scale. Create rules to automatically publish data across to your accounting software (Xero, Quickbooks, Sage etc.) with confidence.

Import from PayPal & Dropbox

Receipt Bank connects directly with your PayPal and Dropbox to make recording your online payments a breeze.

Instant Transaction Matching

Instantly match receipts and invoices to existing transactions logged in your accounting software bank feed.



Per month, billed monthly

20 users

3,000 receipt & invoice scans monthly

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Per month, billed annually

20 users

3,000 receipt & invoice scans monthly

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All features from Business Plus

Boost Document Processing

Need information fast? Make your urgent paperwork a priority and skip the processing queue.

Automated Staff Expense Management

Keep on top of your expenses with advanced automation — from collection to categorisation and approval.

Import Bank Statements *(25/mo)

Collate all your bank data from many accounts and publish automatically to your linked accounting software (25 / month).

Receipt Bank mobile notifications

Wipe out tedious data entry for good

You didn’t get into business to hoard crinkled bits of paper and spend hours typing them into spreadsheets. Receipt Bank scans all the information on-the-go with pinpoint accuracy, storing and organising the data using a mix of AI and human sorting.

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Mobile bookkeeping mobile app

Expense more, pay less

Paying less tax can be as easy as snapping a photo. All those coffee meetings, stationary and supply splurging, tool top-ups and transport tariffs add up. With Receipt Bank you’ll never miss a deduction again.

Choose a plan
connect business and accounts with Receipt Bank

Invite your accounting software to the party

Syncing up with platforms such as Xero, QuickBooks, Sage is effortless and takes literally seconds. Receipt Bank supercharges your accounting by publishing receipts and invoices in a single click. You can even bring your accountant into the picture, inviting them to view your data directly!

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Receipt Bank works with others

Receipt Bank connects seamlessly with the leading accounting, payroll, and payment software.

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Join 1.1 million people using Receipt Bank globally

Receipt Bank wipes out a ton of time, is hassle-free and so easy to use. Businesses can share the load with staff, no numbers involved.”

Gayle Buchanan

“I love apps that I can effectively use in my own business. Receipt Bank is the one tool that made a huge impact on how I run mine.”

Brad Celmainis

“Makes bookkeeping a breeze and an essential part of a modern cloud practice…This company and its products are fantastic!”

Lukas Somarakis

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How do I choose the right plan for my business?

Our three-tier pricing plan is designed for businesses with a range of needs. Business, Business Plus, and Premium Receipt Bank accounts each have different feature sets, usage limits, and pricing. If you’re a larger business with more receipts to process, or you need multiple staff members to have access to the account, you might benefit from one of the higher plans.

What will I get as part of the 14-day Receipt Bank free trial?

Everyone who takes out a 14-day free trial of Receipt Bank will have access to our single-user Business plan, where you can experience the core functionality and usability of the app. You can take out a trial of Receipt Bank for Business without needing to provide any payment information up-front. The Plus and Premium plans offer more advanced automation-related features — these are not available on the free trial.

What happens if I reach my Receipt Scan limit?

If you continue to submit items after you’ve reached the limit for your plan, any surplus items will be automatically queued and then processed at the start of the following month. If you find yourself regularly exceeding the limit, you can upgrade to a higher tier via your account settings (or purchase additional volume if on Premium).

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