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What’s Stopping You From Living Your Best Life? Take Our Quiz to Find Out.



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What stops you from living your best (accounting) life?

We’re strong believers in the power of healthy competition here at Receipt Bank. After a fantastic first round, our second Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge is currently up and running, with forward-thinking firms from all over the UK competing to maximise their efficiency.

You can register your interest for the next round here.


This week also sees the start of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. While bookkeeping might seem a very different enterprise, there is more in common than you might think. Like the Olympics, our Challenge is based on using precise data to optimize performance across a range of disciplines. And the goal is the same: our metrics aim to illuminate areas of improvement to help bookkeepers perform at the top of their game.

In the last five years working with leading firms, we have noted a range of factors that can hold bookkeepers back. For some, the problems are internal, with team goals misaligned or systems not in place, while others struggle with clients that don’t fit in with the processes they have in place. Our Account Managers work with our partner practices to overcome these issues, making the most of cloud technology and automation to build scalable, profitable bookkeeping business.

We know it can be done and we’re always helping our partners be the best they can be.

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