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What’s New In Receipt Bank: June 2017



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The world of cloud accounting moves pretty fast, so here’s a complete rundown of everything that’s been released across Receipt Bank in June 2017 to help make your bookkeeping effortless.

We’ve highlighted a few of our favourites, but keep scrolling for a full guide to what’s new. If you’d like to keep up to date with our feature releases make sure to follow us on Twitter. You can also find out more in our Help Centre.

Our top picks this month are:

  1. A complete Expense Report remodel
  2. Combine mode now on iOS
  3. Quick link payment methods in the receipt details page


Expense Reports update suite*


This month was a really exciting time to be making an expense report in Receipt Bank! Over the past months we’ve been busy designing a full suite of updates to ensure processing expense items is even more effortless. These updates included:

  • The new ‘Expense Reports’ tab, a dedicated space where you can find all created expense reports;
  • Ability to change the base currency;
  • Ability to change the category of individual items within the report;
  • You can now create a unique name for a new report;
  • More visibility from the archive over which items belong to an expense report;
  • You can now navigate from an item to the expense report it belongs to;
  • A new look PDF!

Find out more about creating and using the new expense reports in our help centre.

Quick link in the receipt details page for unlinked payment methods*


Sometimes you need to publish items to locations in your accounting software that require the payment method to be linked to a bank account in Receipt Bank.

Rather than navigating to your account settings, you can now see from the receipt details page if your payment method needs to be linked. Even better, you can link it there and then!

Quick and easy receipt exports

We released an update to ensure smooth sailing when exporting your receipt data in bulk!

Downloads are now processed behind the scenes, so you can export up to 250 receipts in one go in no time at all!

Effortless connection to the mobile app

We released a handy tool to help improve your client’s experience when using Receipt Bank. If they navigate to the ‘Add items’ page, they can send a link straight to their smartphone to get connected on the mobile app in seconds.

Fresh look Bookkeeping Analysis dashboard✝


You may have noticed that your Bookkeeping Analysis dashboard is looking better than ever! We’ve tidied up your efficiency metrics so you can stay focused on what’s important.

Mobile app for iOS – Version 3.6

This mobile update introduced some great new features for those snappin’ Receipts on an iOS device. These included:

  • Enable ‘Save to gallery’, allowing you to keep a copy of each receipt and invoice you snap in your device gallery;
  • Link to retake photos without needing to return to the inbox;
  • Reduced storage demand for the in-app image cache, making sure the app takes up less space in your device’s storage;
  • Improvements to the expense report image sync, so changes in the web app are instantly reflected on mobile;*
  • Combine mode for iOS (see below)!

Combine mode now on iOS

We’re so excited about this update we feel it merits its own section!

Our mobile receipt scanner just became even more powerful! You can capture multi-page invoices, double-sided and long receipts using new Combine mode, now available for iOS and Android devices.

Simply take as many images as you need to capture the full receipt or invoice, and submit them as one item.

Mobile app for iOS – Version 3.6.1✝

A smaller update to provide key fixes for your clients receiving item messages on the mobile app. These included:

  • Offline mode, so any messages sent when offline would send as soon as the device came back online;
  • When accessing Item Messages from the notification centre, you can now see the receipt details alongside the sent message;
  • Once the receipt has been archived, this fix ensures you can no longer send any messages.

Not sure you’re on the right version? Click here to see if you have an update available.

Mobile app for Android – Version 2.8

To go alongside our huge release for expense reports for Extract, we released additional expense report functionality in the mobile app for Android users. This updated also included:

  • View and edit individual items within any of your expense reports in the inbox;*
  • Add your Receipt Bank email-in address straight to your device contacts, so you can start forwarding digital invoices straight to Receipt Bank in no time;
  • If you have access to Additional Integrations in your account, you can now edit the active integration from the mobile app;*
  • A more responsive interface for Samsung tablets.

Import Category lists for Receipt Bank Extract

If your Receipt Bank Extract account is not integrated with any cloud accounting software, you can now use CSV upload to import your category list.

New tags in the Client Management tab

For Accountants and Bookkeepers, you can keep track of your clients’ Receipt Bank accounts using new ‘Extract’ and ‘Custom’ tags in the ‘Client Management’ tab.

Updates to Smart Split*

We listened to feedback from our users and have added updates to the bookkeeping tool Smart Split to make it more effortless for you to use. These included improvements to the tool tips, as well as the ability to add multiple fixed amount line items when creating a Smart Split rule.

* Automation feature only available with Receipt Bank Custom.

✝ Bookkeeping Analysis and Client communication features only available with Practice Platform.

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