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Tim Hoopmann At Cornerstone on Profitable Bookkeeping



Hoopmann Case Study

Tim Hoopmann


Founded in 2004, Cornerstone Group perfectly illustrates a bookkeeping practice that has shaped itself through software.

Tim Hoopmann and his team deliver cloud bookkeeping through best of breed applications. Enabling his clients to ‘make informed business decisions, with the use of real-time data’.

Cornerstone’s commitment to embracing technology is impressive, helping to increase their efficiency and service offering. We recently caught up with Tim to talk about his practice, technology and the future of bookkeeping!

Tim discussed how “incredibly reliant” his team have become on Practice Platform.

It allows us to follow up with clients and have the soft discussion early rather than the hard discussion later.”

Through these discussions the customer service team form ‘great relationships with the customer”. Optimising how technology has enabled Tim to change the structure of his practice and tailor it towards the client.

Furthermore, cloud bookkeeping has been key in increasing Cornerstone’s productivity and their profitability. ‘Using technology has meant we can streamline, cut costs, save money and that goes into the bottom line’, Tim explained.

By looking at the opportunity, Tim has redefined his practice and created a valuable bookkeeping service. Thank you Tim and the Cornerstone team for your generosity and insights.

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