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The One Social Media Strategy No One Ever Talks About



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If there is one thing we have learned from attending 14 Xerocon events, it’s that it’s all about listening.

This could be on the convention floor or on social media. It doesn’t get said enough, but if you want to get the most out of social media for business purposes, you need to learn to listen.

After all, one of Xero’s greatest achievements is the passionate network they have created. This includes not just forward-thinking accountants who build their practices in the cloud but also the add-ons who amplify its potential. And Xerocon is where everyone comes together, sharing news, tips and announcements.

A lot of people find social media daunting, thinking that it takes a lot of time or energy. However, much like being at a conference, it’s a matter of being present and paying attention.

With that in mind here are our 5 ways to be a better listener on social media at Xerocon South this year:


Xerocon has grown into a huge event, with lots to talk about. You could tap into artificial intelligence, learn how to build client trust or grapple with Big Data, and that’s just Day One.

You need to work out what to listen to. decide where your interests lie, what will benefit your practice and your clients. There’s no point in trying to catch everything.

Look at the schedule beforehand and decide what areas you’re going to focus on. Then find the speakers and other relevant experts on social media before the event and gauge what they’re interested in. This allows you to cut through the noise and focus on what matters to your and your clients.


The social media landscape is full of people talking to just to be heard, contributing little.

But you can actually have more of an impact with fewer well-chosen posts. Not only does this require less energy and effort, but it also leaves you more time to judge the best approach and the best time to contribute. Your activity should be about adding to the conversation, not just saying drawing attention to yourself.

If you want to be seen as someone in the know, wait until you have something to contribute, whether that is an experience from your own practice, or something you learned in conversation on the floor.


There is no point listening out for good information if you don’t share it. Keep an eye out for content that is relevant and interesting to your audience, and to your interests, and pass it on.

This could be sharing posts from thought leaders, or retweeting the interesting comments of others and adding your own thoughts. Social media for business relies on the exchange of ideas – be a catalyst for good conversations.


There is no easier way to make introductions that on social media. You will be surrounded by fascinating people at Xerocon. If you hear something that might interest someone else you know, make the connection. This puts you at the centre of the conversation while not making it completely about you.

This is especially useful for making connections between the digital and physical world. If you meet someone who is interested in a certain topic but who doesn’t move in the same networks online as you do, hook up them up. They may end up introducing you to some new faces from their network, growing your potential audience.


Being a good listener doesn’t mean being passive.

There has never been a more exciting time to be an accountant or bookkeeper and the industry is changing fast. So be part of the conversation.

The most exciting changes aren’t just happening at Xero HQ or here at Receipt Bank (although we are doing some pretty cool stuff). They’re happening in practices all over the world that find new ways to use the cloud to get more value for their clients.

That means that every conversation you have is valuable, no matter if it’s a sole practitioner from Melbourne, or Rod Drury. Listening gives you access to a wealth of information. Combine that with your own experience and ready to say something really valuable.

If you want to find out how to get the most out of social media for business growth we have distilled everything you need to know into one handy kit.

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