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Receipt Bank’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017




It’s December – already?! – and the end of the year is nigh, so we’re rounding up our most read blog posts of 2017. Think of it as an early Christmas present!

Our aim for the Receipt Bank blog is to cultivate a directory of thoughtful, useful material for accountants and bookkeepers, as well as to keep you all up to date with any exciting news from our end. My name is Isobel, I’m the Content Executive here at Receipt Bank and I joined in September of this year. You may have already seen my name quite a bit on the blog, but hopefully next year you’ll see it even more frequently!

Anyway, without much further ado:

#5: Receipt Bank Joins Xero HQ As Integration Launch Partner


In September, Xero released Xero HQ; a hub for users to explore different apps, access greater visibility over their client list and better monitor their workflow. Naturally, we were keen to be involved, and were delighted when we were chosen as launch partners!

#4: How HPC Simplified Bookkeeping For an $8 Million Business


US firm HPC have been partners of Receipt Bank for almost two years, much to the success of their clients. Due to a high volume of paperwork and geographically disparate offices, their client Passports and urgently needed a tool like Receipt Bank – and HPC was more than happy to help.

#3: Rainforest Bookkeeping: Saving Three Hours A Week Per Client [VIDEO]


Our Australian team had the good fortune to be able to interview Michele Grisdale on her sole practice, Rainforest Bookkeeping, in June of this year. Michele told us of her journey to setting up her own practice and using Receipt Bank to drastically expand her client capacity.

#2: 6 Essential Ted Talks For Accountants And Bookkeepers [VIDEO]


Everyone loves a good TED Talk – six of them even more so! We put together a list of the best TED Talks to get you up-to-date with the changes in the financial industry, and pondering the changes yet to come. Remember, binge watching TED Talks barely counts as binge watching.

#1: Receipt Bank Raises $50 Million Series B Funding From Insight Venture Partners

2017 was a hugely successful year for us, the crowning glory of which was most likely our fruitful Series B funding round. With the investment, we’ve been able to expand to new countries, fund new developments in our products (we now have the largest AI & machine learning team of any company in our industry space!) and double our efforts in making bookkeeping effortless.

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