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Receipt Bank at The Intstitute of Certified Bookkeepers Conference 2017



Here at Receipt Bank we’re proud to work closely with The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers during such an exciting time in the profession.

I recently caught up with Matthew Addison to share what’s in store this year in advance of The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Conference 2017, which Receipt Bank will be attending.

MATTHEW: So, Sophie let’s start with Receipt Bank’s tagline “Effortless Bookkeeping” what does this mean?

SOPHIE: Our aim is simple, we want to make life easier for our bookkeepers. We know there are many varied tasks during their day and by reducing the time spent on many of the manual processes like collecting invoices and receipts, data entry, coding and document storage we’re helping to increase their productivity.

Efficiency and productivity are words that come up a lot at Receipt Bank HQ. We believe a bookkeeper’s time is valuable and the expertise they bring are best used providing services and advice that help their clients grow.

MATTHEW: Automating the data entry is a good place to start. Where is Receipt Bank taking us?

SOPHIE: We often hear our bookkeepers spend a lot of time chasing their clients for paperwork, particularly at the end of the month or at the end of the BAS period. (Plus they don’t really enjoy this chasing!) So, we’ve developed a range of features to make this process easier. Technology is enabling a different approach. Now that more of the data extraction can be automated, the bookkeeping process can provide more real value.

MATTHEW: Your mobile phone app developments seem to be helping.

SOPHIE: Every day we see how Smartphones have become far more than a communication tool. 41% of Smartphone owners use their mobile to keep on top of their financials whilst they’re on the go.

By equipping clients with our mobile app, bookkeepers are helping their clients to submit expenses in real-time. In fact, we see our clients who use the mobile app submit their expenses 8 days quicker than those who don’t. This makes a big difference to our bookkeepers at month end!

We also know getting clients into the habit of using the app is important. So we’ll now automatically send helpful push notifications for you. These messages throughout the month will prompt clients to submit their receipts.

When questions crop up about these expenses our bookkeepers will also be able to comment and write notes which go straight to the client. So messaging between our bookkeepers and their clients becomes more effortless.

MATTHEW: This is a developing journey of a different way to think and a different way to capture information.. What advice would you give our bookkeepers?

SOPHIE: It’s got to be super simple! Anything you can do to reduce this administrative burden and save your clients time is highly sought after – for you and for them. For example, Receipt Bank can now send your clients an SMS message inviting them to download the mobile app. (It also automatically logs them in, so no need for long emails with login details!)

This is a great first experience for your clients and an easy way to onboard them to your new process.

MATTHEW: And last but not least, you’ve recently announced a new integration?

SOPHIE: Yes! We now integrate with MYOB AccountRight Live. This partnership has been highly anticipated and we’re really excited to bring this solution to our bookkeepers. Can’t wait to share more at the ICB Roadshows in March – see you there!

You can follow where we’ll be at the Roadshows on Twitter. Make sure to come over to our stand if you’re attending The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Conference 2017.

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