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Rainforest Bookkeeping: Saving Three Hours A Week Per Client [Video Case Study]



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“After five years as an employee bookkeeper, doing one client a day, I never thought I could handle 40 clients on my own.”


Michele Grisdale is a sole-practitioner bookkeeper based in New South Wales, Australia. After working as an in-house bookkeeper, she decided to set up her own business but found she was spending too much time on data entry, paperwork and filing.

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After discovering Receipt Bank, she was able to operate more efficiently, more profitably and spend more time with her clients. In her words, “If I can give my clients peace of mind, and they leave with a smile, I’ve done my job.”

Check out our video case study below to find out how she used Receipt Bank to double her business with no extra staff, while saving time and saving money for her clients. 


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