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[PODCAST] 7 Years of Trying and Failing with SaaS featuring Alexis Prenn




Our fearless leader Alexis Prenn has once more leant his voice to a podcast, this time speaking on the realities of running a SaaS start-up.

Alexis joined Alex Kayyal, Head of EMEA at Salesforce Ventures, during SaaStock on Tour London to speak candidly on his experience of founding and growing Receipt Bank over the past seven years.

On what the role of a CEO entails, Alexis said you must “be fresh, be excited, but repeat yourself – don’t take anything you’ve said for granted.”

One of his key pieces of wisdom for anyone looking to grow their business? “You do need to choose a goal. Is it a journey to $100 million of ARR, say, is that your journey? It’s helpful to have that. If you agree that that’s the direction you’re going in, then a lot of the infrastructure decisions get made for you, a lot of the [answers to] questions become obvious. If you don’t have that, then it becomes a bit more problematic.”

Listen to the entire episode below!

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