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New Integration: Receipt Bank Now Integrates With MYOB Essentials




Last year we started our journey with MYOB and proudly announced our integration with MYOB AccountRight.

We’re excited to announce that you’re now able to offer effortless bookkeeping to your small business clients with the new integration with MYOB Essentials.


MYOB Essentials is a cloud accounting solution for you small business clients. It takes care of invoices, reporting, expenses, payroll and more. Receipt Bank and MYOB Essentials can work together to provide you a seamless cloud solution so you can build an end-to-end service to suit your clients needs.

The combination of these tools will save your team valuable time, allowing you to focus on priorities such as strengthening client relationships, offering more services and keeping that competitive edge.


You’ll no longer need to spend time chasing and collecting paperwork from your clients. MYOB Essentials clients can provide their receipts and invoices via Receipt Bank’s range of straightforward submission methods, including our award-winning mobile app.

Simply get your clients to submit their receipts and invoices and let Receipt Bank do the data entry for you. Once the items have been published in Receipt Bank, the images will be pulled through to MYOB Essentials, presenting you with all the information you need, in one place.

The submitted items’ information is published across to MYOB Essentials, ready for you to reconcile. This streamlined approach will make your bookkeeping process quicker and easier, ensuring that you keep your clients books up-to-date and provide real-time analysis for your clients.

Offer your clients a higher value service with Receipt Banks’ integration with MYOB Essentials. The combination works as a powerful tool for real-time accounting, with the confidence that all the information you need is safely stored in the cloud.

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