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New Feature: Effortless Client Communication Platform with Practice Platform 2.0




Practice Platform is the heart of Receipt Bank, allowing accountants and bookkeepers to manage their bookkeeping workflow, measure their efficiency and track clients.

Our new update takes it to a new level, including automatic Push notifications for clients, item level messaging and new efficiency metrics.

Effortless communication

Getting the items you need from clients often means hours of chasing to meet compliance and advice needs. What’s more, these items often need to be queried for categorisation, which results in even more emails and phonecalls. That’s why we decided to make it all easier.

Alexis Prenn, Co-Founder and CEO at Receipt Bank, said: “The biggest pain point for many accountants and bookkeepers is waiting for their clients to submit their financial information. This new, smarter version of Practice Platform does the chasing for them, so they can start collaborating properly.

These new tools connect Practice Platform with Receipt Bank’s award-winning mobile app, so accountants and bookkeepers can communicate directly with their clients in the same area as they manage the rest of their bookkeeping workflow.

The power of push

Practice Platform now tracks how often your clients submit receipts and invoices and sends automatic push notifications to remind them when their data is due.

These appear on the client’s phone, reminding them to submit their receipts and invoices so their financial information is as current as possible.

This actually makes a huge difference – our research shows clients who receive these notifications are twice as likely to submit, with no effort from you.

Instant Clarity

An ambiguous item used to mean long email chains, frustrated phone calls and missed deadlines. Clarification about items, attribution or categorisation can now be conducted within any item stored in Receipt Bank.

Accountants and bookkeepers can start a conversation thread on any submitted item, and the client receives a notification to their mobile app. Your client can then chat with you in real time.

What’s more, Receipt Bank securely stores all conversation history as a record. No more chasing.

No more guesswork. Just instant clarity when you need it. We call it #effortlessbookkeeping.

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