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MNP and Receipt Bank: Put time back in your calendar with cloud accounting solutions



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About Receipt Bank and MNP

Receipt Bank and Calgary-based leading consulting firm MNP work together to help MNP expand their reach and efficiency for their clients across Canada.

By utilizing Receipt Bank’s essential accounting platform MNP can better serve their nationwide pool of clients through harnessing the flexibility and productivity associated with cloud accounting solutions offered by Receipt Bank. Here’s more from MNP.

Put time back in your calendar with cloud accounting solutions

As we experience the evolving impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are focused on finding solutions to their challenges. At MNP, we’re an accounting and consulting firm that advises thousands of small businesses in a range of industries. We’re hearing the same problem from coast-to-coast: business owners want to find ways to work more efficiently.

This is where cloud accounting and bookkeeping solutions can help. It allows you to save time, understand your finances better than ever, and work from wherever business takes you. This new technology takes accounting and bookkeeping processes from the office desk to anywhere you can get an internet connection by storing your data in remote, secure servers, and uses automation to reduce the time-consuming repetitive processes that used to be standard accounting tasks. Cloud accounting can work for every business, across industries, and regardless of size.

Here’s are some examples of how cloud accounting can help you work more effectively:


Say goodbye to the pain of invoicing. Cloud accounting platforms can create invoices with a few clicks or taps — meaning you could bill a client as soon as the job is done. You can also create automatic reminders that are sent to clients who have outstanding invoices. This adds time back into your day – and helps you put money in your bank account faster.

Simplified receipt management

Keeping all the paper versions of receipts and invoices and then inputting that data later is not the most effective use of your time. Receipt Bank lets you take photos of receipts and invoices with your phone and the app automatically enters that data into your cloud accounting system. This allows you to focus on bigger priorities and helps you get more accurate financial information.

Automated bank feeds

Managing your books used to involve a lot of data entry, transferring information from your bank or credit card statements to a spreadsheet. With modern platforms, your information gets automatically pulled into the system so you can see where your business stands without having to take hours to crunch the numbers.

Work from anywhere

You need accounting platforms that can keep up with your busy life. The cloud allows you to work from home, on the road, and in the office, with the financial updating for every device. No more weekend trips into the office to dive into an Excel file — you can take care of that work wherever you go. 

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