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LiveCA: Value Pricing in a Virtual Firm [Video Case Study]



aPricing Virtual Firm

LiveCA are currently the largest firm in Canada without an office.

This virtual firm have also shown impressive growth over the last three years. Not only did they grow from two employees to 18 in under three years, they also cleared $1 million within two years of starting. We sat down with Co-Founder Josh Zweig to discuss growth, value pricing and choosing the right clients.

There’s no better example of what is now possible as an accounting firm than LiveCA. A firm without any offices, the whole practice was built on the possibilities of technology.

This ranges from software they use, such as Receipt Bank and Xero, to the way they work with clients and how they build processes.


Their innovative approach to technology also carries through to their pricing.

Clearly timesheets are not a viable option for a business where every process aims to increase efficiency, but that doesn’t mean their path to value pricing has been easy.

When Co-Founder Josh Zweig visited the Receipt Bank office in London recently we sat down pick his brain on what he’s learned, what sets a firm apart today, and where LiveCA are going.


LiveCA use Receipt Bank to create a seamless end-to-end accounts payable process, saving time and money so they can focus on what matters. To find out how Receipt Bank can help you build a more valuable practice, get in touch with our team with the handy form on the right.

Check out our video interview with Josh below.



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