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We recently caught up with Marc-Eric Blanchette, Cloud Solution Advisor for Cloudmeb, and his client, Dora Stancu from Onrise.

Not a typical Receipt Bank partner, Cloudmeb is a part of a new category of business: cloud integrators. Cloudmeb equips small business owners with the tools they need to be successful, guiding them to embrace cloud technologies to eliminate inefficiencies and save precious time and money. Marc-Eric tailors services to meet the unique needs of each small business and provides in-depth training to ensure clients can run their platforms smoothly. Definitely a mission we’re on board with.

Onrise, a web development company, also customizes their services to the individual client. The two have a very fruitful professional relationship: they’re both Montreal-based small businesses that operate within the digital space. They both rely on each other’s expertise and are both focused on helping others grow their business.

Onrise was previously managing their books the old school way, collecting receipts in shoeboxes and manually entering data into spreadsheets. Bogged down with administrative work, it was challenging to devote the time and energy needed to the core of their business. Recognizing the valuable time lost to this antiquated process, Cloudmeb had just the right solution. They introduced Onrise to Receipt Bank and Xero.

Only a company of two, founder and business partner, one can imagine the little time Onrise had to spare. After incorporating the Receipt Bank app into their workflow, Onrise now can’t imagine running their business without it!

“We were introduced to Receipt Bank from the start which was immediately incorporated in our workflow and it’s very quickly become one of our favourite business tools. We primarily use the mobile app, although sometimes the web platform comes in handy when modifying items cued for processing. We find both the web and mobile app to be user-friendly, intuitive, and pleasant to use.”

“We at Onrise use it every week; we simply love how convenient, user-friendly and smart it is. We’ve been raving about it since Marc-Eric introduced us.”

Receipt Bank eliminated wasted hours of back and forth and streamlined communication. If there were mistakes, it was very easy to fix.

By providing their client with a tool to help manage their books and become paperless, Cloudmeb saved Onrise hours of wasted time and paperwork. By implementing Receipt Bank Onrise could get back to doing what they do best, building hand-coded business tools that strengthen their clients’ online presence. Cloudmeb then ensures that day-to-day business operations run smoothly in the cloud while always having visibility on financials and growth.

This is a great example of how Receipt Bank transforms not only the firm but the client’s business.

“Ever since we started working with Cloudmeb, we’ve definitely had more time to focus on the other aspects of the business such as getting leads, offering quality customer support, and attending professional events.”

Interested in transforming your company and your clients? Kick off the new year with #EffortlessBookkeeping.

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