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Heather Baker: Moving Up Financially One Coffee At A Time




Receipt Bank not only makes accountants’ lives easier, but also the lives of your clients.

We spoke to Heather Baker of TopLine Comms, an integrated communications consultancy, about how she uses Receipt Bank in her business to save time, access real-time financial data, and start making back the money spent on client coffees!

Before Receipt Bank, Heather says her and her team “would collect all receipts in a file and then at the end of the month, our office manager would upload them to Xero manually.”

“It was very time consuming for our office manager. Because we did it at the end of the month, by the time we knew we had lost a receipt, it was very hard to work out retrospectively where it might be and what it was for. As the CEO, I often paid cash for things like coffee meetings and never claimed back because it was too time-consuming.”

Then, however, Xero introduced TopLine Comms to Receipt Bank.

“We got lots of support and training from Receipt Bank so the process was very smooth,” says Heather. “We also developed our own training guide so that new employees know how to use it.”

“I love the functionality – it is so easy to upload receipts that anyone in the company can do it and we do it in real-time,” Heather adds, “so we can pick up any errors or lost receipts with plenty of time to spare. It’s also great to have a copy of the receipt scanned into Xero so we can easily refer back to it if necessary and we don’t have to keep loads of paperwork.”

That functionality translates to tangible impacts on her business. “It saves us heaps of time,” Heather affirms. “Our financial results are also more accurate because the data is uploaded into Xero in real-time – this enables our management team to make more sound financial decisions.”

Huge time savings? Feeling empowered to make more informed decisions thanks to real-time data? It’s all music to our ears! But it’s the little things that count too: “I am much more likely to claim for those quick coffees I buy when I’m out and about now because it’s so easy!”

We’ll raise a glass (or a latte) to that!

Heather Baker is the CEO and founder of TopLine Comms, an integrated communications consultancy that helps tech companies grow through profile raising and lead generation. They offer PR, SEO, content and inbound marketing, video production and animation services.

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