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Case Study: Bookkeeping Time Cut 20% for Fresh Financials




Automation is great. We say that a lot at Receipt Bank.

But it’s not everything. What we always make sure to say afterwards is that automation is a tool, not a replacement, for accountants and bookkeepers. A point that is proven by the experience of Xero cloud bookkeeping firm Fresh Financials.


When used correctly, technology increases the insight and collaboration that a skilled bookkeeper brings to a business. It allows the automation of the manual tasks that get in the way of providing real value, whether they’re working in-house or in practice.

Head of Fresh Financials Emma Northcote-Green was aware that in-house bookkeepers can sometimes be wary that technology like Receipt Bank will take away their role. But her experience introducing Receipt Bank to clients has been extremely positive, with the benefits being felt from the managerial level, right down to the employees.


When Fresh Financials introduced Receipt Bank to a large signage company in East Sussex, their in-house bookkeeper couldn’t have been happier. Not only was she able to cut down her hours spent doing the books, but the business was so happy with her performance that they kept her salary at the same level.

The client was happy, the bookkeeper was happier, and everyone was able to provide more value as a result of using automation smartly. This is also a great case to show how the role of the bookkeeper is developing, and will continue to develop, in real time as technology transforms the accounting industry.

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