Author: Emma Pegg


John Connolly on Receipt Bank Exchange Australia 2020

Receipt Bank Exchange Australia is back for its second year….


Chris Cheeney

Accountant and Business Growth Advisor

The Ultimate Makeover: How Chris Cheeney Doubled Year-on-Year Revenue with Receipt Bank and Xero

Chris Cheeney is a man to be reckoned with.  Chris…


Journalist turned CEO-coach, Andrea Clarke, confirmed for Receipt Bank Exchange 2020

Early on, Andrea Clarke made the art of communication her…


Receipt Bank Exchange Australia is back for 2020

Receipt Bank Exchange Australia is back! Last year, we took…


Mathilde Jeakings

What’s New in Receipt Bank: September 2019

Did you know: this month, Receipt Bank processed 250 million…


Phool Ashraf

Founder of Gains Accountants

How Phool Ashraf Serves the Restaurant Industry with Cloud-Based Technology

The restaurant industry is notoriously tough. The intensity of work,…


The Ideal Bookkeeping Service Level Agreement [Template]

Is there a solution to align your team and clients,…


What’s New In Receipt Bank: May 2019

Ready for what’s new in Receipt Bank? This month, we…


The Right and Wrong Way to Introduce Tech, According to Experts

“We overestimate change in the short-term and underestimate change in…


Nick Elston

International Inspirational Speaker #TalkingAnxiety

7 Ways to Support Mental Health at Your Accounting Firm

A recent study found that over a third of accountants feel stressed…


Ryan Lazanis

Founder of Xen Accounting and Future Firm

How To Build A Firm That Sells

Ryan Lazanis is a trailblazer for cloud accounting in Canada….


Glenn Redler


5 Ways to Market Your Firm On A Shoestring

Attracting clients is the bread and butter of any business….


4 Steps to The Perfect Client Relationship

Kael Consulting are a forward-thinking accounting and business service in…


Dave Gorter


Why Virtual Isn’t Always Better: Dave Gorter’s Journey in The Cloud

From a one-man band to a fully-fledged company growing alongside…


Attending Accountex London? Now’s The Time To Book A Demo

Accountex is now less than a week away!  Next week,…


Lauren Harvey

Founding Director

AI and the Accountant: Q&A with Lauren Harvey

Lauren Harvey, Director of Full Stop, is passionate about process and…


20 Daily Habits of Successful Accountants

What defines success? We asked Receipt Bank partners on the…


Jessica Pillow

How a Cyberattack Transformed My Bookkeeping

Cybersecurity is something we must all take seriously, yet it’s…

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