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What’s New In Receipt Bank: June 2017

The world of cloud accounting moves pretty fast, so here’s…


How To Use Your Client Data To Grow Your Accounting Practice Faster

If you’re looking to grow your accounting or bookkeeping practice,…


Rainforest Bookkeeping: Saving Three Hours A Week Per Client [Video Case Study]

“After five years as an employee bookkeeper, doing one client…


The Security Sell: How To Talk Your Clients About Cloud Computing Security

88% of UK businesses have adopted cloud software in some form,…


5 Ways To Adapt Your Accounting Services For Millennial Clients

Millennials, the alternately maligned and mythologised generation born between 1977 and early 2000s, are…


How To Measure Your Productivity When You Move To An Automated Bookkeeping

Automated bookkeeping solutions are transforming the way accountancy practices carry…


All In On AI: How Intuit, Xero And Sage Are Working With Robots.

Cloud software providers are all racing to take advantage of…


3 Ways To Use New Technology To Add More Value For Your Clients In 2017

When it comes to their finances, SMEs have always had…


Jargon Buster: What is an API Why Do They Matter For Cloud Accounting?

Over a third of leading UK accountants are already using…


4 Tips To Build An Automated Accounts Payable Process

Managing accounts payable is time consuming, fiddly, and if it…


Jargon Buster: What Is OCR Receipt Software And Why Is It Essential For Accountants?

Receipt Bank now processes millions of documents every month. Photos…


Why Real-Time Accounting Needs Mobile Technology

The introduction of cloud software was a crucial step towards…


Beyond The Conference: How to Implement What You Learn At Accountex 2017

Accountex is huge. In fact, there is so much to…


How to Win New Clients: Stories That Stick

Clients don’t buy accounting services. They buy value. The value…


AI: Making A Difference Today

At Receipt Bank, we have invested heavily in our Artificial…


New Feature: Effortless Client Communication Platform with Practice Platform 2.0

Practice Platform is the heart of Receipt Bank, allowing accountants…


Sage Summit 2017: AI and Tech Take Centre Stage

We were delighted to attend, exhibit and present at the…


6 Steps To An Extra $100K: How To Increase Revenue From Existing Clients

This is our last post in our series on how…


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