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Dana Maxwell

Senior Manager for the Business Accounting Services Department at Harper, Rains, Knight & Company, P.A.

CPA Dana Maxwell predicts business expansion in 2021

What challenges and opportunities will 2021 present for SMBs and…


Ron Baker

VeraSage Institute Founder and Radio Talk Show Host

Pricing Psychology 101: Expert Ron Baker Shares His Insights

Ron Baker is a world-renowned expert on pricing. His best-selling…

For Business

The Small Business Software Stack: A wrap of week five

Every business is aware of the need to ‘go digital’,…

For Business

Business Continuity for SMBs: A wrap up of week three

The question on the lips of many business owners during…

For Business

Small Business Survival Tips: How to secure cash flow, according to industry experts

When Receipt Bank spoke to Michele Grisdale, one of our…

For Business

8 Tips from Small Business Owners Adapting to Working from Home

Adapting to change is part and parcel of running a…


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