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5 Ways To Build A Winning Client Experience In 2017 [Video]



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This year, 89% of businesses believe that they will primarily compete on client experience. So how can accountants and bookkeepers stand out and create a level of service that helps them grow?


Earlier this year at Accountex 2017, a lot of the talk was about new technology. AI, Machine Learning and new apps were the hot topic of conversation. And of course we love talking about those things – we are the world’s leading bookkeeping automation tool after all – but it’s important to remember that the point of all these tools is making your clients happier.

The firms that are making the most of these tools are those who direct them to that purpose. A great example is the story of Sumi Sivalingham, a bookkeeper in Australia, here. She used Receipt Bank app to impress a new client, and within a few days he’d recommended her to his friends and his family.


We asked a range of our top partners for at Accountex to tell us their secret to a winning client experience, and the answers were impressively varied. Some put it down to the feeling you give your clients, others put their stock in processes and systems.

The common element, however, was a client-first philosophy that recognised the true value of the trusted advisor role. Check out the video below to get their top tip.



It can hard to know which are the right clients to build your firm. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to walk you through the method, step by step.

The Ideal Client: 6 Steps to a Data-Driven Client Strategy will show you how to:

  • Organise analyse client data to reveal real profits
  • Identify secret problem clients
  • Find new, lucrative clients and close them, fast.

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