How to start new clients managing their expenses online in 2 minutes with SMS

Manage expenses online faster with SMS invite.
As the accounting industry moves towards a cloud-based future, just providing the technology to let them manage their expenses online isn’t enough to stand out.…
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How To Have Your Best Tax Season Ever [Content Hub]

Tax Season. Two words guaranteed to make even the most hardened accountant or bookkeeper feel stressed. Luckily, we’re here to help. Every year, the imminent…
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Meet the Winners of the Global Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge

Our biggest ever Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge has finally come to an end. This competition took the quest for effortless bookkeeping global, with accountants and bookkeepers…
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The Power of Receipt Bank VAT Bookkeeping: The 20 minute VAT inspection

Effortless VAT Bookkeeping with Receipt Bank and Xero
No one looks forward to a VAT inspection, but when the taxman turned up to perform a VAT bookkeeping inspection for one of her clients…
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Flexible, powerful receipt software: Receipt Bank’s automated line item extraction

Receipt Bank can automatically extract line items from your digital receipts and invoices, saving you even more time on bookkeeping. This feature is available as…
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Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge Sprint 3: Receipts App Downloads

A receipts app that saves you time, money, and keeps your data up to date
The results are in from last week’s Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge Sprint, as forward-thinking firms around the world compete to build the best bookkeeping process. Our…
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Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge Sprint 2: The Benefits of the Cloud with Auto-Publish

Firms from all over the world continue to compete in our Effortless Bookkeeping Challenge this month, looking to embrace the full benefits of the cloud.…
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Why the future of small business accounting needs automated bookkeeping

According to PwC, there is a 97.5% chance that basic chartered accounting will be replaced by automation over the next 20 years.  For firms engaged…
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Case Study: A New Expense Management System Cut Accounts Payable Time by 90%

In most businesses, time is money, but at a medical practice it can be much more important. However, to keep the practice in the black…
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Easy bookkeeping with Boost Mode is the key to real-time data

Easy bookkeeping just got faster with Boost Mode
Does your workflow need a Boost? The advent of cloud accounting tools has made it possible for business owners and their trusted advisors to collaborate…
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