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Better data, better advice.

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Xavier helps you use your client’s data to provide vital financial insights, advice and additional services. Get assurance that the numbers are right and see any business metric you want across your whole client base.

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The Future of Accounting Webinar featuring Kendons

23 September at 2pm AEST

Receipt Bank’s mission is to power accountants with essential tools to get small businesses financially fit. Realising that mission relies on getting better data into accountants’ hands and helping them use it to analyse the business performance of their clients.

This is why Receipt Bank’s decision to join forces with Xavier is a very exciting one – Xavier gives assurance that the numbers are right, while also making it easy for an accountant to see any business metric they want across their whole client base. In this webinar, we’ll be sitting down with Receipt Bank CEO Adrian Blair and Xavier Co-Founder Jonathan Gaunt to discuss the move and the future of accounting with Xavier and Receipt Bank.

Lloyds TSB bank data extraction software

Why use Xavier?

Our tools will save your team time and reduce costly errors by identifying anomalies, mis-codings, and quickly spotting unwanted changes to historical data.

Flexible reporting and cleaner data give you the confidence to have the right conversations with your clients.

What are Xavier’s key features?

Use Xavier to clean up, track and report on your client’s data.

Lloyds TSB bank data extraction software

01. Clean

Spot anomalies, duplicates and historical changes at a glance across all clients. Use Duplicate Transactions and Multi Coded Contacts features to eliminate common bookkeeping errors.

Lloyds TSB bank data extraction software

02. Track

Track client health, performance metrics and key liabilities in the practice dashboard to see data from all your clients.

Lloyds TSB bank data extraction software

03. Report

Create and share flexible custom reports, with advanced export and customisable reporting tools.

Interested in leaning more?

We offer a 30 day free trial, you can sign up below

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Xavier is loved by thousands of accountants and their clients. Read more about their experiences and how they saved time and money with Xavier.


Paul Barnes – Map.

Many Accountants are getting tied up in knots about how to deliver Advisory. Xavier provides the tools to actually do it by taking the data out of Xero and presenting meaningful insights into what’s going on.


Nigel Adams – Ad Valorem

Xavier has quickly become an essential part of our operations and has improved efficiency and quality across the board. We’re also able to provide advisory services via other apps to our clients knowing that the data they are based on has integrity.


Andrew Evans
Sky Life Accountancy

I think Xavier has the most beautiful interface I have ever seen, and it has really helped my practice increase the value we provide in our month end reporting by giving us an additional outlet for more useful data to be sent to our clients.

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