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Do more with your data with Receipt Bank and Reckon One.

Data. Sorted. Get data digitised, ready and shared straight to your Reckon One Book with the new Receipt Bank and Reckon integration.

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Get data on time, in real time

Share key data straight to Reckon One, so you can stop manual data entry and start offering more financial insights to your small business clients.

Why Receipt Bank and Reckon One

Create a simple, end-to-end process to suit your small business clients needs using Receipt Bank and Reckon One. Receipt Bank also integrates with Reckon’s white label solutions IPA Books+ and IFA Books+.

Receipt Scanning

Fetch all paperwork to one place

Financial documents can be fetched, emailed, scanned or snapped, with all key financial data extracted and securely stored in a single, digital dashboard.

Receipt Scanning

Prepare documents with smart features

Automatically set tax codes, and categories according to suppliers to avoid costly errors in Reckon One. Save time on manual admin and improve your data quality.

Receipt Scanning

Get data on time, in real time

Connect with any business bank account to match paperwork submitted with a live record of costs. Easily see what’s been paid to enable speedier bank reconciliation in Reckon One.

How does the integration work?

Integrating your Receipt Bank account with Reckon One couldn’t be simpler. All you need is the Reckon One Book you’d like to connect to Receipt Bank, and you can integrate in a few clicks.

  • Set custom tax settings and publishing destinations to make sure all data is sent to Reckon One to fit your internal processes.
  • Chart of Accounts and Supplier lists are synced across Receipt Bank and Reckon One, so you can easily categorise your items as needed before publishing them securely into your Reckon One Book.
  • Seamlessly publish Bills, Payments and Supplier Adjustment Notes information straight to Reckon One. Set up smart rules to publish costs completely hands-free.
Single Dashboard

Core Benefits

Receipt Scanning

Create a complete end-to-end solution for your small business clients. Get your clients sharing documents regularly using the simple Receipt Bank mobile app, or set up hands-free document fetching so they never miss an invoice.

Receipt Scanning

Store all your clients paperwork in one, single dashboard, making it simple to track, manage and review their documents. Easily spot what’s missing, so you can prevent any gaps in Reckon One.

Receipt Scanning

Sync transaction, tax and supplier data instantaneously and securely between Receipt Bank and Reckon One. Avoid errors with accurate data extraction, so you and your clients can access up to date, complete financial data.

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