MyFirmsApp allows you to create your own bespoke app that you can use to communicate with your clients.

Receipt Bank partnered with MyFirmsApp to provide the very best single solution for firms around the world. This is your own App. Fully branded as yours, with power, efficiency and ease of use of Receipt Bank, fully integrated.

It means you can give your clients and prospects your own App. They can use Receipt bank and send expense items straight into their chosen cloud accounting software. Plus, you’re able to give them so much more with GPS mileage tracker (logbook in AU), income tracking, Calculators, tax tables and key dates (UK & AU), information about your firm, your team, your articles. They can contact you through your App and you can send push notifications which arrive as a single message on the homescreen of all your users’ devices. These messages can then load specific content, giving you the most powerful communication tool.

There’s an easy to use back-end control panel with dashboard data and ability for you to add/edit pages inside your own App.

It works across iOS and Android devices and already at the time of writing this page has >80k end users.

Receipt Bank saw the advantage for you in having our world class expense management system, as a core part of your own firms App where you can also achieve so much more with your clients – including buttons to launch into all the worlds leading cloud accounting and document management systems! Your clients need just the one App – Yours – and it becomes the single critical interface for them with your firm.

We’re aware many firms have also experienced exciting marketing benefits from taking this approach as well, with increased referral generation and new business won because their own firms’ App – coupled with Receipt Bank – has given them such a tangible and easy to use differentiator.

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