Receipt Bank integrates seamlessly with Kashflow, an accounting and invoicing software that's easy to use. Let your expenses data flow from your Receipt Bank account to where you need it!

Our partner @farnellclarke has recorded 40% year on year growth with @ReceiptBank & @KashFlow @KashFlow

Receipt Bank's value is in it's simplicity. We'd have a hard time running our firm without it!

Chad Davies
Co Founder of Live CA

Kashflow is a simple, effective, small business accounting software that removes the hassle of doing books in record time.

Kashflow works hand in hand with Receipt Bank, so with a few clicks you can quickly and easily send your expenses data from Receipt Bank directly to Kashflow. We do the data entry for you, so you don’t have to, saving you even more time and money!

Receipt Bank Features

  • Data extraction on accounts payable items (invoices & receipts)
  • Multiple submission methods
  • Classification of accounts payable items
  • Submit both purchase invoices and expense claims
  • Archive to store items
  • Expense management
  • Dashboard to manage multiple accounts
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Automatic publishing to Kashflow
  • Customer support from our Welcome Team, Customer Coaches and Helpcentre resources

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