The paperless solution for accounting and bookkeeping firms

Collect your clients' financial transactions instantly, with no chasing and no data entry.

Join 5,000+ leading accountants and bookkeepers who use Receipt Bank to save time, increase profit and grow their practice.

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  • no more data entry Our software extracts and organizes key information from your clients' receipts and invoices, so you can focus on what matters.
  • Work in real time Show clients their business health today, not last month. They can submit items instantly by email or with our simple app.
  • Seamless Integration We link directly to the leading cloud software, so you can build a seamless accounts payable process.
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Loved by 5,000+ leading accountants and bookkeepers

"Receipt Bank saves me 3 hours per client every week."

Michelle Grisdale, Rainforest Bookkeeping

"The hours that Receipt Bank saves us mean we have more time to engage with our clients' issues and help them achieve their ambitions."

Rebecca McClure, BDO LLP

"We have cut our bookkeeping time in half and there is room to build even more efficiency."

Leah Moore, Digit books

Tailored to your firm

We're here to help practices grow and succeed.

Integrates seamlessly

Receipt Bank integrates seamlessly with the leading cloud accounting software, so you can build an end-to-end solution to suit any client.

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Receipt Bank Features

  • World class data extraction
  • Automatic line extraction
  • Foreign currency support
  • Multiple submission methods
  • Auto Publish
  • Smart Split
  • Item Messaging
  • Push notification
  • SMS notification
  • Expense Report
  • Secure, compliant archive storage

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